Selecting A Location

When looking for a home, location is one of the most important considerations. For our group, it was easy to agree upon where to live. We all loved the area we grew up in, and although some of us decided to move away for college, we all knew that we ultimately wanted to move back … [Read more…]

Figuring Out Your Budget

After my friends and I graduated from college, we began to think more seriously about saving up for our future down payments. We knew that it would take some time to put away the necessary funds, but with school out of the picture it would be much easier to focus on work and begin getting … [Read more…]

That Fateful June

As of this June, it will have been 20 years since our small group of friends made each other a promise that would wind up shaping our lives and setting us all on an unexpected path towards the same destination. It all started with a silly idea… The kind that 14-year olds with no working … [Read more…]